These Spots Have the Best Margaritas in Austin

Best Margaritas in Austin

A list of places that you can find The Best Margaritas in Austin

In Austin, there can be seen margarita in every moment. We have got flavorsome, sweet, fruity, frosty and over unique preferences, spicy. We have creative, brunchy, and divey margaritas. And we give a special $10 offer for a one cocktail jug every Monday. Whatever the species of margaritas you search for can obtain from here. Austin provides your cocktail in a frozen glass made for you. You have the possibility to add salt as your preference.

Nothing can compare to a salted rim glass filled with a shot of tequila mixed lime juice. The better way to enjoy yourself with your favorite people. Yow will never forget these fun moments.

After searching for good quality margaritas in a city full of margaritas, we have gathered the best of the best. Check our list to know the highly recommended spots to have The Best Margaritas in Austin. Let’s meet on the rooftop.

El Alma

1025 Barton Springs Rd

They provide modern Mexican-type nourishments with a unique Austin form. Visit there on a sunny afternoon or an evening. You can spend the moment in an attractive rooftop corridor. This spot is located on the hill of Barton Spring Road, where you will see downtown Austin. Above all have some sweet, fruity Mangorita, or else try a glass of Flaquita which is made with watermelon Serrano.

Gabriela’s Margaritas

900 E 7th St.

You must try their different varieties of margaritas, and you will be worth it. You will defiantly find Eastside Mexican flavors there. If we are given a chance to make choice, it is obviously the house-made tamarind syrup and chili powder rim make which gives a sweet-spicy taste. You are given an expectational menu and you have to select the best.

Licha’s Catina Margaritas

1306 E. 6th St.

This is a small bungalow that became famous for its Mexico City-style street foods and its special cocktails in East Austin. They have a very big outdoor space. So go there with your friends together and enjoy yourself on the large front or on the backside.

Comedor Margaritas

501 Colorado St.r

This is the most suitable place for a fun date night.  Chef Gabe Erales and Philip Speer’s (Uchi) modern Mexican restaurant (specifically, the cuisine of Mexico City located on Fifth and Colorado are the best places to spend a Saturday night and have dinner also.  They have Tequila Carrot which is my favorite of all time.  It is filled with enough lemon flavors.

Iron Cactus Margaritas

606 Trinity St.

Relax your mind on the balcony looking at Sixth Street and think why Zagat is named Iron Cactus. This is one of the best courtyards in Austin.  Order their fresh lime juice margaritas like the El Pepino Margarita. In conclusion, you can have cocktails that are considered the best Tequila all over the country.

Grizzeld’s Margaritas

105 Tillery St.

This is the best place to add some  Instagram feed for Margarita lovers. There are greenery excellent wallpapers at Grizzeld’s.  It makes this Mexican restaurant-worthy for the photoshoots. Moreover, you can bring there some of your friends and try their bar offers and have some chill. In advance, the basil-lime Cardi B marg, with el Jimador Blanco, is the best you will find here. They are served in disco mugs and it is interesting.

Ranch 616 Margaritas

616 Neuces St.

They don’t have originally true Margarita meanwhile, the Rain Water at Ranch 616 deserves to be on this list. The owner  Kevin Williamson, invented Ranch Water. For 15 years this drink has been on his menu and has already become a strong drink. This has become very special according to the drinker’s desires.

Pool Burger Margaritas

2315 Lake Austin Blvd.

This spot is located next to the Deep Eddy Cabaret bar.  You will get meet burgers along with a strong cocktail in funny cups.  You will find a kind of Hawaiian spirit there for instance, and make happy yourself. We go there after a pool bath at  Deep Eddy Pool and taste their frozen margaritas. Their frozen Margaritas will make you feel like summer.

Curra’s Grill Margaritas

614 E Oltorf St

This modern south  Austin spot is located near the St. Edward’s University campus. This is special for their unique Avocado Margarita. Similarly, they are filled with creamy, fresh, and decadent avocado. You will get a new experience with this classical drink.

Güero’s Taco Bar 

1412 S Congress Ave

Another special classic in Austin is  Güero’s Taco Bar. This has one of the best courtyards in South Congress. As a result, people fall off to go there. They have a very big margarita menu list and offer tons of tequila types for you. They make margarita as the old-fashioned like hand shaken and with fresh lime juice. Grapy out margarita with an exceptional Tex Mex fare.

Polvo’s Margaritas

2004 S 1st St.

They have a Spanish bar and the menu includes Mexican foods and more than nine types of margarita to select as your preference. It is the best place to gather with your friends and taste some frozen margaritas in the yard.

Matt’s El Rancho

2613 S. Lamaro

They have been serving in Austin Tex Mex since 1952, which means they have had enough time to make their margarita perfect. Place order for  Knockout Martini made with 100% Milagro Reposado tequila. It will be a funny classical margarita for you.

Trudy’s Margaritas

409 W 30th St.

In addition, we are unable to complete any list of Austin margaritas without mentioning Trudy’s. Go to the original location  (Trudy’s Texas Star) located near the University of Texas Campus.  It is one of the best houses of margaritas in the town.  And have a good offer of $5 Mexican Martini on Mondays.

It is pretty sure that you will never regret visiting these places. If you have found something valuable from our list, please be kind to leave your ideas in the below comment section. It will be a great support for our improvement.

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