The Top 10 Most Popular Home styles in Texas

Popular Home styles in Texas

The Best Home architectural styles in Texas.

You can learn lots of factors by the construction architecture of any place.  There is the ability to observe the history, civilization process, industrial development, climate, and identity through architecture. If you have been worrying about the home architecture of the Lone Star state, now be ready to solve the problem. We have brought you the top 10 most famous Texas Home architectural styles in Texas and the Lone Star State.


Farmhouses run to the time period of German colonizers those who came to Texas early age. However, technology has been exciting for nearly 200 years.  The unsophisticated features of a farmhouse were originally designed based on practicality. They built these farmhouses to shelter the farmers and protect the people who lived in those areas. Anyhow, we can see outstanding features of the farmhouses at present.  The wide-open entrance hall, wide floorboards, the shiplap inside the home, barn-style doors, and farmhouse sink are still in the good condition.


The Tudors were built in England during the 15th and 16th centuries. These houses have the features of the twentieth-century architecture with the English  Medieval styles, they seem like copies of the Middle ages. These houses have features for the cold, and rainy climates. The Tudor homes are special because of their sharply made housetops, ornamented doorways, small window collections, big chimneys, and wood decorations.

Craftsman homes

Within the Industrial Revolution time period, in the 18th and 19th centuries, people began to love handmade houses after the goods manufacturing system began. The Craftsman-style home was the main result of it. In addition, it seems like a comeback to the similar homes of those times.  The house is made of natural materials such as wood and stones. They display a welcoming and handicraft scenery.  The common factors of this technology are low pitch roof styles, including the housetops and lean to roof with exposed beams and hanging roofs. There are square columns that support the roof, double-hung windows, the paned doors, and the furniture.


Though the words “modern” and “contemporary” are usually used correspondently, they are not the same in the architecture technology world. The modern style means a specific style that doesn’t change and belongs to the early 1900s and the 1960s. The contemporary homes mirror the style of the present and so develop accordingly.  The latest contemporary homes belong to clean lines, very strong structural shapes, and open floor plans. Most often L, T, U, or H shapes are the most suitable to be assisted outdoor space.  These open floor plans and the upside windows bring a lot of natural light inside to the homes. These are highly practical methods, the contemporary houses are confirmed with the durability, made using of natural energy resources and recyclable materials.

Mid-century Modern

Just like all art, Architecture reflects the social, political, and economical movements of each time period. This mainly highlights mid-century modern architecture. All of these are based on solar system exploration and the new technologies in the 1960s. However, these homes are famous for their contemporary attractiveness, with clean lines, shapes of the structure, and basic features. Most of the Mid-century latest homes use flat floors, large glass windows, and sliding glass doors. At last the open floor plans for a simple flowy design.

Mediterranean Homes

Mediterranean homes are listed among the favorites of the Texans, yes that should be correct.  This architectural technology symbolizes the seaside homes of Italy, France, and Spain. So that the homeowners always feel like they are on a seaside European vacation. This technology of building features the central courtyard, with the Romanesque columns and canopies.  They are made to link the indoor and the outdoor of the house. This has become a major feature of the Texas houses. The Mediterranean homes are adorable because of the cement outside walls, tiles roofs, large and heavy wooden doors, and many-colored tiles.


This is an architectural technology that you feel more natural in the Texas countryside. This Ranch style home reminds the cowboys and cattle ranchers who existed in the Lone Star State. This can be a reason Texans love them that much. These one-story homes are always lying down. This is a support for them to work in the properties which have plenty of lands. But the urban people also can make their houses with this technology. The general common ranch-style homes include features like a low pitched roof with wide hangings, off-balanced U or L-shaped floor plans, sliding glass doors, and huge windows with the drawings.


This came after Queen Victoria. She ruled in a time that these houses were highly famous among the people. The Victorians have been famous since the late 1800s.  That’s why we can say that the Victorian homes are the substances in the storybooks. It is obvious that there are lots of facades and interiors. And also they are famous for the large front halls and ceilings and high Mansard roofs, bay windows roof towers, and watchtowers.

Southwest style homes

The Southwest-style home very often represents stunning Arizona and New Mexico desert lands. This can be a reason Texans love these so much. These homes are popular for the Spanish and Native American influence. They are better to dry warm climate. Generally, they are made with clay roof tiles, cement exteriors, curved corridors, square pillars, and many off-balanced designs.

Log Home

These log homes are highly pleasant and comforting. These houses seem naturally fit for the cold weather climates. For the Texans homeowners cant satisfy by their homely charms.  The truth is they are famous for their log exterior, which is mainly made using the local woods, a beat solution for the climate issues.  There are plenty of wood items and decorations inside the Log Homes.  There can be rough woods or hand-hewn timbers, roof slopping rooms, interlock joints, long covered entrance halls, and simple rooflines.

The structural features and open floor plans of modern homes are very attractive. Do you love traditional craftsman-style homes? The Paradise  Homes, are a group of homebuilding. You can get any information to bring out your dream home to your life. We can fulfill your dream of charming style home.  Contact us to know about our architecture and designers. We are bound to help you to build up the places that you are wishing to spend your life.

Now you have the knowledge about The Best Home architectural styles in Texas. if you have found my article interesting be kind to leave your ideas in the below comment section. Thank you!

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