10 Most Popular Architectural Styles in Dallas Luxury Real State

10 Most Popular Architectural Styles in Dallas Luxury Real State

The Best Architectural Styles in Dallas Luxury Real State.

You can find anything in Dallas luxury real estate from French Country to Tudor regeneration. We have brought you The Best Architectural Styles in Dallas Luxury Real State.

Your house should be as your preference. The Dallas luxury real estate belongs a number of architectural design technologies to select.  So you have to find which is the better one for you.  I have brought you the ten most famous home styles in Dallas luxury real estate. You can have a good idea about the designs before you go and see them The Best Architectural Styles in Dallas Luxury Real State.

Mediterranean regeneration

The significant feature of the Mediterranean regeneration is the magnificent Red clay tile roofs. This red clay tile roofs technology became noticeable in the early 20th century. This style mainly goes with cement walls, tiles made of clay, arched windows, and wonderful mild steel balconies. These homes signify the Italian palazzos and seaside palaces. These factors inspire the properties with an unconventional attractiveness.

It is a frequent sight that you see these style homes in Dallas, from Highland Park to Southlake. Dallas’s pleasant climate is very suitable for the delicacy that is bound with these architectural technologies. Dallas has a suffocating tropical climate. You will find it interesting to step onto the balcony in Dallas during the hot summer times and mild winter times.

French Country

This French Country architecture really suits Texas stones. Anyhow it proves that this style is very popular in the Dallas luxury real state. This architectural technology began in the rural areas of France for the first time. They were combined with dreamy castles styles with old Farmhouses styles. At present, you can see French country designs in Dallas by the high rooflines, uncovered and damaged wooden beams in the living places,  and the stone items such as walls or fireplaces inside the homes. Stereotypically French blue wooden windows on the outside are a clear symbol to find out a French country home.  These designs are soft, romantic, and feminine. At last living in such a French country home will feel like a daydream for you.

The French Country style homes represent the bungalows like old homes in Provence, France, and this polished the artistic combinations of dignity and simplicity. Homes with this style are difficult to find and obviously, that’s a gem in every neighborhood if you see them.

American Colonial Style

The American Colonial Style architecture was settled in 1600, in the time America got colonized. The real American Colonial homes basically lodge in thirteen original British colonies.  Anyway, this style was so famous and it exists in the country for centuries. Colonial architecture got famous in the 1800s  and was considerably used for both housing and commercial real estate till the twentieth century. We can identify these Colonial homes by the general flat frontages, the cental door entrances surrounded by the windows, and housetop roofs. These homes have more than two or three floors than a single one.  The exterior is with bricks and parallel sidings. In Dallas, lots of Colonial-style homes are made with a roof entrance hall to the front hall.  This clearly shades the entranceway from the heavy sun of Texas.

Actually, the American Colonial-style homes are made as very manageably but productive. Their downcasted properties are well matching your personal interior design styles. And also the traditional designs are good for your simple inside space.     

Tudor Revival

More than six hundred years ago,  the Tudor governed in England. However, their inheritance exists even in today’s home designs. At present, the renewal of Tudor time periods architecture is made transparent by the well-known architectural features. They also date back to the late 1400s. In most cases, the half-timbering styles are used as decorative items than a structural one.  Still, the sharply made roofs and cross rooftops on these homes make it easy to select each one among the big collection. Basically, this style was used with the new house built in the 1970s and 1980s, at this time the designs had reawakening among the people. In Dallas, we can observe the swaths of Tudor-inspired homes situated in Greenland Hills and Hollywood Heights.


If you are yearning for clean, crisp lines the Contemporary Architecture is the main style suitable for you.  This modern architectural style is very advance and simple in design. They are highlighting the open, flowing spaces with different types of plans and off-balanced frontages. From this formation, the contemporary architecture looks for evading the traditions of old house styles.  These architectural styles are not like the Tudor Revival or American Colonial designs, which were the main features in the past. Very often you will see contemporary homes, the iron, and glass used to make open exteriors. These bring awesome natural light inside the homes. With the formal exteriors, they used amazing lines in these houses, they create beautiful landscapes that avoid the restrictions.

Contemporary style luxury homes are easy to find in Dallas state. However many of them are located in Oak Lawn, Turtle Creek, and Northwest Dallas.  Their advanced technologies highlight them in the streets.


Contrary to its rough name, it is easy to see luxurious ranch-style homes in Dallas. These home complexes are single-story houses with low roofs and wide arrangements that make them easy to afford. This collection of materials builds a good body in the architecture style. Mainly using the plasters and stones, or brick and wood,  for their interests. Very often they create hanging eaves connected with large windows to get the natural light.  These homes are built with many entering ways to the backyards, the landscape is made in order to suit the design technologies. The styles can be changed and ornamented as your desires, or even make flexible for your personal desires.

Dallas Eclectic

A revolution in the French Eclectic Style, with this style It says that the bigger is better. With the same captivative craftsmanship as the French inspiration, these kinds of Dallas homes styles are built with grand segments.  The most highlighted factor of the French Eclectic style is the angle roofing houses. These roof spaces create extended features, it brings an impressive appearance to the house. This architectural design took from the famous Beaux-Arts movements, where well-known ancient monuments were used. These styles are more elobratred than the French counties architectures. They take after palaces more than Provincial bungalows. Though these types of designs were not famous in the country, Dallas had lots of architects to build monuments according to the French designs.


This belongs to the late Victorian era in England, this architectural style has been shining since the late nineteenth century. These Victorian-style homes are highly notable in Dallas. You will identify their typical lopsided shapes by one sight.  And also the large round porches and sharp towers. The Queen Anne Victorian homes are famous for their incredible decorations.  These represent the gingerbread house styles.  Traditionally, Victorian-style homes belong to lots of bright exterior colors, very often used three colors in the designs. These designs are made with parallel wooden siding for the outside and to the sharped roofs.

American craftsman

This style was settled after the British Arts and Craft movements and spread through the nationwide 1920s. The American craftsman is also referred to as a “California bungalow”. This house style of design releases a cool and relaxed feeling both classy and comfortable. The American architecture includes low-pitched roofs, wide front entrances with large wooden beams, and parallel sidings. According to its name, this collection of designs highlights craftsmanship. So many houses display artistic items such as wood carvings beautiful eaves, crafted stones, and facades built with a mixture of elements.

Very often this style of house is around a fireplace. Because the hearth is the main item of these homes. Therefore they usually feel the warmth and it becomes a great place for the gatherings of friends and families. These styled homes have different shapes and sizes,  this is a fact that says these houses are really adjustable. If you are searching for a single story or a multilevel house, American Craftsman styles are the best features for you.

Mid Century Modern

When it takes all together, the artifactual movements such as Bauhaus, this architectural style was highly famous between the 1930s and 1960s, this is the reason to call it Mid-century modern. Frank Lloyd Wright was a well-known architect in this time, and his own Dallas creation, the John Gillin Residence.  This is the best example of the mid-century architecture that exists here in Texas. This style has abstract lines, the factors joined with the natural landscape and the inside and outside features. By the use of advantage in post and beam structures,  they were able to open the interiors to make new open floor design plans.

In the real sense, this design technology is adjustable because of the traditional architectural elements, more than the decorative designs of the famous Dallas Eclectic homes or the stylized Tudor Revival exteriors. It is easy to find Mid-century modern architecture in the areas of North and Northeast Dallas.

You can get more information on The Best Architectural Styles in Dallas Luxury Real State. Contact Christy Berry to get more information.  There are home styles you search for in Dallas. Thank you!

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