Enjoy 15 Best Halloween Movies During the Spooky Season

Enjoy 15 Best Halloween Movies During the Spooky Season

We are pretty sure that you are willing to enjoy the best activities in this spooky season, Do not forget to finish the day with a super suspense, thrilling or horror movie before bed. It is up to you to involve various things that arouse your curiosity. So, here we are with the 15 best Halloween movies highly viewed during the season with a nice brief in order to make some awareness.

However, It does not matter whether you love old-fashioned ghost stories, full type horror movies or ambient gothic style. We have selected movies that cover all these areas with high value in entertaining. You had better have a blanket on the sofa, in order to couch and make a light scream with your better half or puppy. Light up the area with some candles, so that you feel some kind of a thrilling background.

In addition, The list covers the range from older to the latest scary movies in a fine way. Our aim is to keep you at the edge of your seat during the streaming time. See how curious you are now to unfold these 15 best Halloween movies as they are the best during this spooky season.

Best Halloween Movies- Practical Magic

Practical Magic

The reason why you should watch it: The movie was released in 1998, Featuring Sandra Bullock and Nichole Kidman as witch sisters. This goes to the old category which makes most of the critics shrink with the movie. Obviously, The story goes around in a poor conditioned but fashionable house. Background sound gives you a nice feeling of a 90’s soundtrack with girly type with much intense.

Quotation as an icon :

Since when is being a slut a crime in this family

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Best Haloween Movies- The Addams Family

The Addams Family

The reason why you should see it: Raul Julia and Angelica Huston featuring in the movie and make much popular as it flows a constant stream of timeless one-liners. However, they perform with a stunning decline manner in quality aspect. You get much attention to their velvet smoking jackets and floor-sweeping black gowns. Furthermore, They have been able to bring new styles to the stage as a special feature. It is time for us to talk about the most interesting family suspense stories.

Quotation as an icon :

” I’m homicidal maniac,they look just like everyone else.”

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Best Halloween Movies- Ed Wood

Ed Wood

The reason why you should watch it: In this movie, Characters like Bela Lugosi and vampire depict Hollywood Director Tim Burton’s remarkable talents. The Movie really goes with the “Halloween ” category with surprising clickings. Famous Young actor, Johnny Depp features in this back-and white movie in a significant role.

Quotationa as an icon:

“Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else’s dreams?”

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Best Haloween Movies- The Shining

The Shining

The reason why you should watch it: AS a fact, This is considered as one of the scariest movies well directed. You will find it even as the carpet is disturbing. You will love to see again and again this masterpiece made by Stanley Kubrick. Try to have Some kind of an engrossing experience there as a Haloween movie fan.

Quotation as an icon:

” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

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Best Haloween Movies- Room 237

Room 237

The reason why you should watch it: Really, The movie can be taken as a substitute for the persons who are excited about “The Shining”. If you are looking for a movie, scarier than “The shining’ here we are with what you want.

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Best Haloween Movies- Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

The reason why you should watch it: The story goes around a murder in a Pacific Northwest town. In the movie, Agent Dale Cooper was there before Trey McDougal within David Lynch’s dreamy classic. All episodes consist of 24 hours together. Definitely, Everyone wishes to have such nice lips as Audrey Horne and with much confidence. Prepare for a warm cup of coffee and get ready for the ultimate exciting hours.

Quotations as an icon:

“Damn good cofee!”

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Best Halloween Movies-Coven

American Horror Story

The reason why you should watch it: It does not matter if Jessica Lange is a murderous female ruler or a nun addicted to the hard stuff. It is not so easy to take her as an inferior character on the television as this comes as a TV series. Costumes with well-elaborated sets of series make the movie insane and arouse curiosity. Grace Coddington, one of the great characters from “Coven” influence much within the series.

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Best Halloween Movies- Donny Darko

Donnie Darko

The reason why you should watch it: Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal featuring as siblings live in Middlesex, Virginia on Donnie Darko. The story reveals a mystery in a mind-blowing real-life situation. The new wave soundtrack fulfils your audio entertaining purpose surprisingly. Check with your hair standing up when the thrilling moments of the movie.

Quotation as icon:

” Okey,But you’re not listening to me. There are other things that need to be taken into account here,like the whole spectrum of human emotion. You can’t just lump everything into these two categories and then just deny everything else.”

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Best Halloween Movies- The Birds

The Birds

The reason why you should watch it. Most fans love this classical movie. Mr Hitchcock makes the movie excited more than anyone can arouse you. It is advisable to change the mind of the new viewers with the idea that old movies cannot make you scarier in any way.

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Best Haloween Movies- The Rockey Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show

The reason why you should watch it: You have to love it or hate it, You cannot get rid of silly musical scenes if you enjoy Halloween nights. Remember that It will be an awesome biggest midnight movie all the time with thrilling sequences.

Quotation as an Icon:

” It’s not easy having good time! Even smiling makes my face ache!”

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Best Haloween Movies – Beetlejuice


The reason why you should watch it: As living today, You must have a distressing fear which comes from your childhood. But you can’t get away from this spooky movie. This film goes to the classic genre made by Tim Burton. The story goes around a dead couple hiring a malicious soul in order to dispel from their home. However, you will find it funny, wacky and eccentric as well as creepy. The costume designer has done the job pretty excellent.

Quotation as an Icon:

” I myself am strange and unusual.”

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Best Halloween Movies-The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense

The reason why you should watch it: I’m sure you cannot forget Haley Joel Osment featuring in the movie. Maybe, you are eager to watch the movie a second time as it has a twist ending.

Quotation an an icon:

” I see dead people”

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Best Haloween Movies-Little Shop Horrors

Little Shop Horrors

The reason why you should watch it: It is worth having some experience of camping in this season. You feel funny, weird and fully delighted with this classic movie more than expected. Surely, you get some idea to add some of these tunes to your favourite karaoke. Florist, Charming Rick Moranis need to keep his affection away from wicked Martin as a result of a man-eating plant.

Quotation as an icon:

“Feed me!”

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Best Halloween Movies- Get Out

Get Out

The reason why you should watch it: As a black American, Jordan Peele has tried his best to the imagination of horror through the category of classic as a fact. Jordan comes as director of the movie first time himself. The story has been unfolded in a nice way to make you have thrilling moments all over the movie. So, get ready for a movie full of suspense and scary with the ideal casting of an actor with much effort.

Quotation as icon:

” You Know I can’t give you the keys.right.babe?”

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Best Haloween Movies- Ghostbustors


The reason why you should watch it: Definitely, you will love this amazing war between humans and the paranormal. Unimaginable casting scenes with the most effecting, surprises have been included. Always with much thrilling unable to utter into to words.

Quotation as an icon:

” We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!”

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