5 Android Apps That Recover Deleted Files for You

5 Android Apps That Recover Deleted Files for You

Accidentally deleted files and need to get them back? Here are some Android applications similar to Recoverit that really work!

Although Android does a good job of preventing accidental deletion, it still happens. If you destroy an essential file or photo by accident, it might be difficult to locate backup copies or restore the data on your own. You can recover it using an app if this happens.

We put some of the most popular file recovery programs for Android to the test.

Be wary of phony apps

On the Google Play store, there are a number of fraudulent apps. This shady software frequently charges a fee and almost never retrieve your files.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of restoring lost files and photographs. We put over a dozen file recovery tools to the test in order to determine the best ones. The test comprised creating a readily identifiable “test” picture and then attempting the following:

  • Delete the file from Gallery (send it to the Trash folder in Gallery)
  • removing the file from the Trash folder in the Gallery
  • Delete the file without using the Trash function

These four programs are capable of locating and restoring the missing file.

1. Dumpster

Among the file recovery tools we examined, Dumpster was the most remarkable. It was able to find and recover the deleted image when it was sent to the Trash folder, as well as when it was destroyed without going via the Trash. It also had no negative impact on the image’s quality.

The Recycle Bin function, best of all, catches everything, from papers to audio files. The only item we couldn’t find were deleted text messages, but they may be obtained in other ways.

Dumpster is simple and straightforward to use, and while a premium version is available, you don’t have to pay a charge to retrieve lost files. Dumpster’s premium capabilities allow you to utilize it as a file backup service and to clean up unwanted data on your phone.

Dumpster—-Recover Deleted Photos & Video Recovery is a free download (Free, subscriptions available)

2. Undeleter File & Data Recovery

Undeleter is your best choice for recovering deleted files if you have successfully rooted your Android device. Even if your phone isn’t rooted, it may still retrieve cached copies of files that aren’t lost but are stored up in difficult-to-find locations.

Undeleter retrieved our destroyed test files on a rooted phone, no matter how deeply they were purged from storage. Undeleter is a dependable and comprehensive tool that comes with no guarantees. It can recover a wide range of file kinds and scans every inch of your phone.

Undeleter can search everything on a rooted device, considerably boosting your chances of retrieving a lost item. However, rooting your smartphone might expose you to security threats. It is not necessary to root your phone in order to use this software. Undeleter is an excellent solution if it’s already rooted.

Undeleter Recover Files & Data is a free download (Free, in-app purchases available)

3. Software for Data Recovery

Recovery Software resembles some of the scam programs on the market, so be cautious. Despite the fact that the interface is the same, this version functioned in our testing. Our test file was quickly recovered from the trash. It also found the file that had escaped the trash can.

This program restores video, audio, and picture data with ease. However, it will not search for documents or other file kinds, so keep cloud backups of them.

We couldn’t find certain old files in the My Files app, so we used this program to find them. Based on the results, it appears that this program can locate deleted images in applications as well as photos saved in Gallery, Documents, and other common locations. If the file you lost was deleted a long time ago, this can be a viable alternative.

Recover Deleted Files using Recovery Software (Free)

4. Recovering Data

We had mixed results using Data Recovery, or Photo APK Backup, as the icon is known. As illustrated in the photos above, the software was able to identify our green “Test” file in the trash bin. It couldn’t find it once it was taken out of the garbage, and it couldn’t find the one that didn’t go through the trash.

It also only recovers lost photographs; no documents, audio files, or other data are searched for. Data Recovery, on the other hand, was able to recover a big number of images and data that we hadn’t expected.

It found photographs and files on the SD card and internal storage that we couldn’t discover using My Files, so if you’re looking for anything you owned a long time ago, it could work.

Data Recovery: disk digger, recover erased data for Android is available for download (Free, subscriptions available)

It Is Possible To Recover Deleted Files

You have a better chance of retrieving lost data if you use software that understands where to look. These programs, however, aren’t suitable for all situations. Unfortunately, what’s gone is gone for good in certain circumstances, and the longer you use your phone after deleting a file, the less likely you are to recover it. That is why it is critical to preserve backups of your critical files.

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