10 Best-Looking Airline Uniforms Around The World

10 Best-Looking Airline Uniforms Around The World

Millions of people take the services of airlines to travel to different places. The flight crew is the crucial part for the success of an airline company, and their outfit plays a vital role in representing the brand image of the airline. Airline and other work uniforms are decorated with embroidered patches. You can find patch makers online easily. If you are an airline uniforms supplier or decorator and need custom patches for an airline uniform, you can simply search custom patches near me on Google.

There are plenty of fancy flight crew outfits with custom Velcro patches logos of the airlines. This article will take a review of some of the best costumes of popular airlines that operate today:

1.Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines is one of the largest airlines in China. The staff outfit of this airline rocked the Paris Couture Week in the year 2017 when the airlines joined hands with the Haute Couture designer Laurence Xu to make the uniform design for their staff. Needless to say, he did an outstanding job.

Taking inspiration from the Cheongsam, he designed body-hugging outfits that used the traditional Chinese imageries like roc, waves, and clouds and custom embroidered patches of the airline. This uniform got rave reviews from the fashion critics for its fusion of traditional and modern designs.


Qantas is the flag carrier of Australia. The flight crew of Qantas Airlines flaunts a chic outfit that keeps up with the recent time and still maintains the sophistication of an airline uniform.

The Fuchsia pink and Ruby red are the highlights of the outfit which add grandeur to the overall design. The colors blend well with the color scheme of the Qantas Airlines, and it complements the flight crew. The uniform got worldwide attention after the supermodel Miranda Kerr modeled it during the year 2013.


The largest airline in the Middle East and the second largest in the world, Emirates has maintained an elegant uniform code for its flight crew ever since it was launched. The current uniform is one of the most recognized dresses in the airline industry. Part of its popularity is associated with the red color of the hat which balances out the beige and cream colors of their clothing.

The current uniform was a brainchild of Simon Jersey who designed it in 1997. The design has remained the same since then. It went through only a few iterations in the year 2008.

4.Singapore Airlines

The flag carrier of Singapore, Singapore Airlines topped the ranking of world’s best airlines for the year 2019, according to Airline Ratings. The phenomenal success of Singapore Airlines owes to its incredible branding tactics that feature the “Singaporean Girl” as the slogan and visual trademark of the airlines.

The “Singaporean Girl” represents the flight attendant who personifies elegance, hospitality, style, and warmth. The uniform has an integral role in bringing out the true personality of the flight attendant as “Singaporean Girl.” It is made of a two-piece garment that includes Kebaya and Sarong.

Pierre Balmain designed the outfit in 1968, and it has remained unchanged ever since. It is the oldest uniform in the history of airlines industry.

5. Air France

This uniform is from the country that breeds the best fashion ideas in the world. The outfit for this French airline was designed by the great fashion designers like Christian Dior and Balenciaga.

The current uniform of the flight crew is designed by Christian Lacroix who gave it a modern look. He created an exquisite slim-fit skirt suit for the air hostess and three-piece suit for the stewards. To accentuate the design, he used red color for the hand gloves and the sash.

Christian Lacroix was praised for the stylish design, and the uniform along with the custom uniform patches of the airline remained the part of the wardrobe for Air France since 2005.

6. Korean Air

Korean Air is the largest airline in the Republic of Korea. There are two distinctive features of the uniform worn by the flight crew of this airline: the scarf and the ribbon-shaped hairpins. Besides, the airline uses soft pastel colors in its costumes which is a rarity in the airline industry.

The outfit was designed by Italian designer Gianfranco Ferré who used blue, white and cream as primary colors in the uniform. The flight crew can wear a pant or skirt with a shirt and blazer. It is easily the best-looking uniform of the modern airline industry.

7. Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is the second largest airline in the Middle East. The Italian fashion designer Ettore Bilotta designed the outfit of this airline. He combines the looks of the 1960s with the contemporary design, and it looks fantastic on the flight crew. The pencil skirt in chocolate brown color with a purple accent looks incredible on the cabin crew. It is one of the finest-looking uniforms you can see in air travel.

8.Thai Airways

Standing true to its slogan “Smooth As Silk,” the flight crew at Thai Airways wears purple as the main color in their uniform. Thai Airways infuses the elements of its traditional wear in its uniform. It has a blouse and skirt with a sash wrapped around the chest. Every Thai flight attendant is required to wear a fresh purple flower on their blouse. The outfit aptly represents the traditional wear of Thailand and looks exquisite on the ladies.

9. China Airlines

The outfit for this Taiwan airline was conceived by William Chang who got an Oscars nomination for his outfits in The Grandmaster. In 2015, China Airlines collaborated with the designer to create a new uniform designs for its “Next Generation (NextGen) campaign which intended to grow the influence of the airline in the Asian region.

To distinguish the role of cabin crew, he designed costumes in three different colors. The female staff looks ravishing in skirt suits in white, slate, violet and red colors which classify their role. The female flight attendants have the option to wear flats during the flight, while they can don a heel while on the go. The shoes look elegant in sapphire color. He designed the three-piece suit for the male staff with a red mark on the lapel. All in all, it is a fabulous outfit that matches up the stature of China Airlines.

10. Hawaiian Airlines

The largest airline in the state of Hawaii, the uniform of Hawaiian airlines worth a mention for its distinctive pattern that represents the iconic Hawaiian motifs. The design was a creation of Sig Zane who is a native of Hawaii. With this design, he infused the aura of Hawaiian culture in the uniform, and the onlookers get the vibes of Hawaii. The air hostess has the option to wear the capes, while the stewards can put on a suit jacket.

The uniform of flight crew staff is a part of the branding process of the airlines. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in the suiting of flight attendants who are the frontline staff and serve the passengers day in and day out. This review provides insights into the best airline uniforms. Keep reading to get more information about the best outfits in the airline industry.

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