Easy Tips for Keeping Your Home Carpet Fresh and Clean All the Time

Easy Tips for Keeping Your Home Carpet Fresh and Clean All the Time

One of the most important investments you could make inside your home is the carpet, as it costs $4.50 per square foot on average and replacement is a serious expense not everyone is willing to make. Improper care, food stains, pet accidents, prolonged exposure to high humidity, direct sunlight, or moths could all wreak havoc on your carpets.

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This is why it is critical to know how to properly maintain your carpets and make sure they are cleaned thoroughly and periodically. Keeping dirt and stains away from the fibers of your expensive rugs will not only make them look good and fresh all the time, but it will also considerably expand their lifespan. Why spend your money on buying new rugs or trying to repair antique area rugs that have been in the family for generations when you could keep enjoying their comfort, fluffiness, beauty, and vivid colors and patterns for many more years to come?

Without further ado, here is what you can do to make sure your carpets will look good, clean, and fresh all the time.

Hire Expert Cleaners to Deep Clean Your Carpets

Needless to say, one of the easiest ways of maintaining your carpet is by hiring expert carpet cleaning London services such as the ones listed at spotoncleaning.com. Professional carpet cleaners can apply special treatments that can keep staining and dirt at bay for a longer time, which is always advantageous, especially if you live in a household with lots of pets, or in a home with lots of foot traffic.

Expert carpet cleaners also rely on advanced deep cleaning procedures and industry-grade vacuum cleaners to get rid of the nastiest, most stubborn stains and spills that are difficult to eliminate using regular cleaning products you would normally have inside your home.

Use a Door Mat

Being proactive should mean preventing the dirt from reaching your carpets to begin with. This can be done by using something as simple as a door mat. Rely on both outdoor and indoor door mats so their synergy can limit the dirt that reaches your home and carpet cleaning Brighton.

Make sure you warmly and politely ask your house guests and the rest of the members of the household to wipe their feet prior to getting in. If you have pets that frequently go in and out of the house, see that you use a damp cloth to clean their paws before letting them back into the house.

Home carpets

Of course, you can also take it a step forward and take your shoes off before getting inside the house. You will not only keep the indoor air cleaner, as you will avoid bringing in and inhaling all the bacteria and microscopic germs that you would normally carry in on the soles of your shoes. Carpets are genuine magnets for them and they will effectively collect everything and bring it straight onto your floors.

Plus, wearing shoes inside the house will also cause the floors and carpeting to wear down a lot faster, as they can cause damage to the fibers inside the carpets and make them lose their shine and beauty. If you want to be serious about preserving your beloved carpeting, consider putting up a sign for your visitors and let them know about your “shoes off” policy.

Vacuum Your Carpets Periodically

This is by far one of the safest ways of maintaining your carpets looking clean and fresh for a longer time. Vacuuming your carpets will also keep the air inside your home a lot cleaner and easier to breathe, while keeping your allergies under control.

A good vacuum cleaner can also help your carpets live for longer, so make sure to vacuum at least once a week a week and even more often in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic or in pet-designated areas around the house. Remember to empty the vacuum filter and vacuum bag periodically or else the vacuum cleaner will start to gradually lose it suction.

Replace the Air Filters

All the particles floating in the air inside your house will eventually reach all the surfaces, including the floors and tour carpets and area rugs. This includes dirt, grime, bacteria, pollen, and various particles that are normally removed by the filter. The better the filter works, fewer particles will reach your best carpet cleaning Guildford and the rest of the surfaces, including the upholstered furniture.

Dirty air filters will cause the HVAC system to stop working at full capacity, consuming more energy and making your monthly bills go up. Ideally, you should have the air filters replaces every three months. If you own a pet, you should cut the replacement time to only two months.

Clean Stains Straight Away

All stains and spills should be tackled straight away or you will have a much harder time having them removed at a later time. Remember to never rub a fresh stain and only using gentle blotting movements. Use white cloths or paper towel or else you could transfer any colored dye transferring onto the carpet. There are various spot removal stains you could use to get rid of various types of staining and odors, as well as special sprays that could keep further staining at bay. For stains that are impossible to remove using your regular products, make sure to contact professional cleaners.

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