Things to do on Manali-Leh Bike Trip

Things to do on Manali-Leh Bike Trip

The locations of the trip itself sound so exciting, imagine the magic of the journey between the two. The already amazing and exhilarating task of riding the Bikes on some smooth and uneven roads of the journey is not the only thing to be thrilled about. There are multiple interesting things to be done in the journey and on the destinations. Exploring the beautiful hill stations and adventurous passes is one of the major attractions of the trip. The article tells you about all the things to be done on the Manali-Leh Bike Trip.

  1. Bike Riding: Let it start with the crown of the journey. The love for Bikes people have in our country and all over the world is very much evident to all of us. The roaring engines of these motorbikes are pretty much equally precious to their own heartbeat for some. And rolling them on the roads of Manali and Leh is a dream of many. The fluttering flags and stylish design of the bike around the stunning views of the high passes and snowy land of Hill station have been topping many of the Bucket lists.
  • Exploring Manali: Manali needs no introduction, how this place has turned into an escape place post the second wave of Covid, has been in the headlines. But the place is insanely beautiful, famous amongst many travelers. It has so many serene and interesting places and tourist spots that are worth exploring and the snow of Manali is like a necessity to feel, without which the trip does not get completed.
  • Skiing: There will be plenty of places where you will get to see the snow, one of them is Zankar whose perfect and snowy slopes give you an amazing opportunity for skiing.
  • Crossing Passes: There are 5 famous passes that one gets to cross in the journey, which are:  The Rohtang Pass, Barchung La, Tangang La, Lachung La, and Nakee La. These passes are at a high elevation between the High and majestic mountains which let you feel the beauty of those mountains too and the high elevation offers you the surreal beauty around them. Even crossing these passes is a matter of pride itself, they have tough terrains and give you the best opportunity to show your biking skills.
  • Water Streams: There are many famous and charming water streams, Waterfalls and rivers that the journey has in for you.
  • Rani Nallah: A glacier point which is covered in snow at all times of the year, is a tough place to ride the bike on because of the snow but is also very beautiful as when it melts it forms a clear water stream that finds its way in between the big rocks.
  • Sissu Waterfall: In the village of Sissu, is this Beautiful sissu waterfall that is really charming to look at. It forms a Lake with its water as well and is a good place to stop by.
  • Deepak Tal: Another beautiful and tranquil lake that you will get to witness on the journey. The lake is a small one but its beauty is not measurable. Between the large green mountains, the blue and clear lake resides which looks really charming.
  • Suraj Taal: This Lake is the one from which you won’t be able to shift your gaze. The serenity of this lake and its surroundings is so surreal and winsome to look, that you will get lost in its beauty. Surrounded by high snowy mountains, it is a clear and blue lake that is also sometimes frozen in the month of July. It is also the source of Bhaga river and rests at the top of Bharchung La pass.

There will be many other exciting places all along the journey which will bless your eyes with their beauty.

  • Leh-Ladakh: There are so many amazing places that one should never miss when on this trip. The Hemis Festival, full of colors and costumes, The Magnetic Hill, which is the mysterious hill where gravity has no room, The Hemis Monastery, a place for peacefulness, The Shanti Stupa, where you meet your inner self, and many such truly brilliant place are a must-visit here.

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