Photography Tips for Ladakh – Treks to the Edge of Time

Photography Tips for Ladakh - Treks to the Edge of Time

Ladakh is a delightful place to capture the marvelous beauty of nature. It is blessed with an immense variety of landscapes, gorges, cliffs and hills, streams, rivers, peaks, lakes, wildlife, and more. A Ladakh tour package offers a lot of opportunities to capture the beauty of the place. Most tour packages include Ladakh hotels and other accommodations as well. However, you must choose a Ladakh tour package that includes activities that will help you enjoy your stay in Ladakh. Some of the best activities you can enjoy during your Ladakh tour include hiking, trekking, mountaineering, hiking boots, trekking poles, camping, photography, Jeep safari, trekking, camping, river rafting, skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, and much more.

Since Ladakh is a destination famous for adventure, couples who wish to experience the adventure together should definitely opt for the Ladakh tour package. A typical Ladakh tour package includes most of the activities listed above except for trekking and skiing. The couples can opt for a Ladakh double room or a similar vehicle shall they wish to visit Ladakh. Most tour packages include accommodation in a luxury hotel, which has a swimming pool. Some of the hotels even have double rooms. Double rooms can prove to be quite useful during your stay in Ladakh.

One of the best time and way to photograph the rich flora and fauna of Ladakh are during the summer season. The best time to visit Ladakh is from May to August. The high altitudes of Ladakh attract many species of animals and birds during the summer season. The spring of the year is also a good time to go for a Ladakh tour package. The best time to go for a hike in Ladakh is between April and May.

The best time and place to have lunch are at 5 am as the sun’s rays are at their optimum level at that time. After lunch, one can have a leisure walk in the gardens of Shashti Valley. Many couples prefer to trek up to the high-altitude post-breakfast hotels in Ladakh. Pangong Lake is an ideal place to enjoy a lazy afternoon. The picturesque setting and peaceful atmosphere of Pangong Lake make it an ideal place for a couple’s retreats.

The travel tips for Ladakh include packing some extra clothing and shoes as it would turn out to be quite hot after lunch. The couples can also opt for a Ladakh travel package that includes lunch and tea at the local restaurants. The high altitude, sand dunes, and plateaus make this place very popular among tourists. The local villages are well preserved and offer a glimpse into the olden days. Most of the guesthouses provide local delicacies which are delectable and budget-friendly.

The most important factor for making this tour package affordable is the overnight stay. The accommodation facility includes rooms at four-star hotels and Ladakh tour packages include overnight stay as per the requirement of the tourists. The lodges are equipped with modern facilities such as telephones, internet, television and many more. The lodges generally charge additional charges for further enjoyment. Ladakh has many well-known hotels that are well maintained and offer excellent accommodation facilities to its tourists. The lodges generally provide special packages for honeymooners and also provide for wedding and corporate functions.

A popular and favorite Ladakh tour package is the ‘Shashti Valley Adventure Tour’. The package includes three nights of accommodation in a high-altitude khardung la villa. The main attractions in the Shashti Valley are the Chenab, Zangri, and the Valley of Flowers. The trip covers the terrain surrounding the khardung la and takes the tourist to the heights of the Chenab and Zangri where spectacular scenery blossoms in every turn.

Ladakh offers stunning photography tips for adventure seekers from all over the world. The post breakfast and overnight stay at the shacks at the Pangong Lake is an experience which cannot be forgotten by the tourists. The spectacular views of the valley and hanging lakes provide for a captivating photography session. Most of the tourists prefer to visit Ladakh at the time of summer because the monsoon season is over and the snow caps keep on keeping on giving you a perfect opportunity to capture the captivating beauty of the landscape.

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