Our 2021 Guide to Austin’s Best Restaurants

Our 2021 Guide to Austin’s Best Restaurants

It’s obvious that Austinites have taken their food game to a significant level. Due to the increase of the Austin population during the last few years.  we have gone beyond the Tex-Mex and barbecue joints that took Austin’s delicious set menus. Foodies reach here from all over the country looking for a Japanese meal. (Uchi, Ramen Tatsuya) overhead to the table from the farms (Hestia, Lenoir) and healthy foods in a stylish manner (Swedish Hill, Café No Se.) During the past two years, they brought the Mediterranean, Korean, and interior Mexican set menus on the table in Restaurant . So our 2021 guide of the best restaurants in Austin covers those amazing items. And also still there are lots of best tacos and pork ribs.

An article from our 2021 Guide to Austin’s Best Restaurant

As passionate Austinites and Restaurant lovers, we have tried all these things and brought to you the finest information.

Check out our 2021 list of the 33 best restaurants in Austin. We have derived them into parts for your interpretation. They are   Brunch and dinner, Casual and Fancy,  according to the Camille Styles team.

Breakfast/ Brunch Restaurant

Two Hands

For the first time, I found this Restaurant in NYC and got excited to know their easy-going and lively café concept in the city of Austin. We love them and have already become fans of them. We made a feature story about them and you can see it here. If you are looking for a restaurant where you can get everything you love, Two Hands is the most suitable place. They have a huge arrangement of toasts, bowls, salad. Their very special breakfast, lunch, dinner make happy you. I prefer to go there on weekends and sit outside in the corridor. The sight of the South Congress is soo relaxing. – Michelle.


Swedish Hill

Swedish  Hill is one of my favorite spots in Old Austin. Before two years it got a new look and now I go there very often. This is a 24 hours opened café and the MMH people have all the things they search for. Such as fresh-baked bread, great coffee, avocado toast, interesting veggies, and salads for eating or for the takeaway.  And also there is homemade Italian-style ice cream and a little grocery shop where I can buy a very special cheese plate. Do you believe if I say It is suitable for your dinner also? Have a pizza made in the brick oven from them. It goes better with a couple of salads and a bottle of wine. It is one of the best meals I’m hoping to have always. You must check the place – Camille.

Note that you don’t have the chance for reservations there. But outdoor seating is available.


Easy Tiger

Easy Tiger is the perfect place for a snack or a drink for refreshments. You should enter the bakeshop between 7 am – 2 pm and have some pastries and coffee. If you go to the basement or the corridor you can order your full menu. I am the biggest fan of pretzels with beer cheese and roast beef sandwiches.  It’s obvious that any of these eats will not make you regret it. You will again visit there very soon. – Chanel

You can book there for Large parties and event reservations. Outdoor seatings are available for you.


Hillside Farmacy

This is my favorite brunch spot in Austin because of the two words. Cheddar grits.  They have the best cocktail wasabi bloody mary and you must try them. The breakfast menu is included delicious eggs gained from an organic farm in Lockhart. You will be amazed by their Instagram feeds (think fresh old-school pharmacy). They have a wide mix of hipsters and there are pale musicians always. – Jenn Rose

You have the chance to make a reservation there. Outdoor seating is also available.



You will find this place interesting once you visit there. I also don’t want to miss it. Try the best smoothie on the go. My favorite is Wundershozen. You will find it as a boost within the very first moment.  Especially a squeezed juice, or agua fresco for a mid-day goes well. Their large menu is all vegan and soo delicious. Get amazed yourself by trying their menu. –Camille.

There is no available for reservations. You can select a location for outdoor seating.



Taco Deli is a local café and they have very special breakfast tacos. It is hard to find another place for good Tacos in the city and become an argument among everybody. For me, it is pretty sure Tacodeli is the right place.  Getting into the Tacodeli is easy and the takeaway is also the same. The morning menu set includes Freakin Vegan, Jess Special, and any of the Frontera Fundido tacos. They use as high-quality meats of local and organic as possible. Tacodeli has salads that are similar to Tacos. To be honest my most favorite dish is their Salsa Dona, a creamy green chili sauce, one of their best products. I go through all of them and soo happy to find this spot. –Stephanie.

There is no available for reservations. You can select a location for outdoor seating.


Joann’s Fine Foods

This restaurant was found in old Austin. They have everything from huevos rancheros to patty melts to avocado smoothies to chicken fried steak. Their menu has everything that you search for and it goes well with your mood. They have a classical indoor and a very bright dining room. Colorful skylight, booths, and a counter with marquee sign. Out of the corridor is decorated with a  palapa-style bar with a  boozy concoctions menu. Visit there with your friends, with your family. Come here on Tuesday morning and get done some work with a classical breakfast and a strong cup of coffee. All of us are friends and a Jonn’s family.

You have the chance to make a reservation. And outdoor seating is available for you.


Little Ola’s Biscuits

This is the most famous spot for making biscuits. If you have been to Olamaie, you definitely should know that. (They are temporarily closed) They were out of the menus, but regular customers made their order as soon as possible. Thankfully they have opened a new biscuit-centric shop called Little Ola’s. So that we can enjoy their biscuits when we need them. They also have a delicious sandwich with fried chicken which is more freshly taken out of the oven and spread honey butter.

Follow Little Ola’s Instagram for the new location updates and for your orders.


Carpenters Hall

This is located in retro-hip Carpenter Hotel. All the time I visit there I imagine why aren’t there more such places like this. Their food is casual but very cool, and also they are unconventional and reliable. You have the chance to get both a quinoa bowl and a solid burger on the menu. This place is soo appropriate for a weekday lunch. – Camille

You have the chance to make a reservation. And outdoor seating is available for you.


Elizabeth Street Café

Elizabeth Street Café supplies colorful and delicious foods to Austin people and it is special that they have very speedy service. My favorite menu is   House Baked Brioche French Toast, Texas Akaushi Beef Carpaccio, Cha Ca Red Fish, and a Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich. It is appropriate for any meal of the day. They offer French bakings with coffee and tea for breakfast. They supply artfully decorated foods. Their pastry chefs have made many flavors for the menus and it perfectly matches their location. – Megan

The place is limited to reservations for 8 or more. And outdoor seating is available for you.



June Rodill has been encountering the Austin Restaurant field for more than a decade. At the time MMH opened their Café we thought the best quality wine will come with them what we didn’t expect was it will not be the same as the garner Food & Wine café.  It is the best New Restaurant in America in the year 2017.  Its neighborhood is Austin luminaries, a perfect place for a hangout. You will see Austin luminaries, power players, and cool kids there on beautiful nights. Go there order some matzo ball caldo or some fried chicken sandwich. – Jenn Rose

You can make a  reservation here. And outdoor seating is available for you.


Pool Burger  

Flavorsome Hamburgers crinkle fries, soft serve, and tiki drinks. They provide you the best service all the time you go there. The place is soo good for nice weather, day or night. There is no place better than Pool Burger for sure. – Chanel

There is no reservation available. And outdoor seating is available for you.


Café No Se

Café No Se is the best place to bring your guests as they provide a wonderful brunch. The café is situated in the  South Congress Hotel. The inside is decorated with grown plants. I am a person fond of sharing all the time. My favorite meal is poached eggs over greens and grains, English pea beignets, shaved veggie salad, and ricotta hotcakes—yum!  White wine typically goes with them and is better for a day in South Austin. Some of the best boutiques are located around the town. – Stephanie.

You can make their reservations. . And outdoor seating available for you.


Stiles Switch

According to my, Stiles Switch has got the very best BBQ in Austin. It takes only 15 minutes from north Downtown. Stile Switch provides delicious foods without any fussing.

No available for reservations here. And outdoor seating available for you



A launderette is the only best place you can go for an early dinner with your kids and especially for night feasts. Normally we go there early and wait for a table in the corridoe.  All the customers have to stay there some moment. You should vist there to taste Chef René Ortiz’s food.  But do not forget the birthday cakes of chef  Laura Sawicki’s also.  – Camille

You can make a reservation there. . And outdoor seating available for you


Nixta Taqueria

For the first time I tried Nixta last summer and I was amazed by the taste of them, and I went there back on the same night. My favorit is Tuna Tostada. Their veggie foods are superb and I like them more than meat. Foods are fresh good balance and perfectly decorated. I usually order fresh heirloom tortillas to use on tacos for the entire week.  Within a small time period, they have become the main role players in the community. For the first time, they host ATX Free Fridge Project. – Kelly Krause


This is situated inside the Austin Proper Hotel, one of the best Mediterranean restaurants found in Austin. They have a beautiful menu, healthy foods inspired by North Africa, Greece, Israel & Lebanon. There is a private bar reserved for guests and the residence.  Or else you can go to the rooftop and take some tacos at La Piscina – Camille

You can make a reservation there. . And outdoor seating available for you


La Piscina

If you prefer fun vibes, good foods, fresh tequila, and a nice conversation, no place better than La Piscina. You can enjoy the vibrant indoor or enjoy by the poolside inside cabana with your friends. They have the best and modern Tex-Mex meals in the city. It is a little bit expensive but all the foods go well as your preferences. – Michelle



This is the one and only cool and newish spot in Austin There is everything you need.  The surrounding feels like a Mexico City area and their cocktail menu is essential for a night with friends. Go there with your gang and place the order – Camille.

You can make a reservation there. . And outdoor seating available for you



Come here for Korean foods and you will certainly become a K-Food lover. Their bibimbap, bulgogi, and spicy-sweet fried chicken is invented by the owner Lynn Miller’s mother. The inside is created as a natural surrounding and it is as eye-catching scenery.  Camille

You can make a reservation there



You will be attached to this spot by seeing the brass fixtures and lightings on a beautiful night. The menu includes old-school foods.  There you can see a beautiful row of tables outside because of the pandemic.

You can make a reservation there. . And outdoor seating available for you



It is one of the best Restaurants in America and got the NYT seal of approval too.  They had housemade tortillas that you can generally see in Austin.  The ingredients are superb and the Mexican menu is the best thing that I recommend to you. – Chanel

You can make a reservation there. . And outdoor seating available for you


Wu Chow

This a new Chinese Restaurants and offer genuine foods and also fresh. Located in the centra;l of downtown Austin.  So appropriate for the family gatherings and you can gain a good dining experience. You must try the soup made by them. – Kat

You can make a reservation there. . And outdoor seating available for you



The Lenor belongs to the couple “Todd Duplechan and Jessica Maher. They make veggie Mediterranean-inspired foods for a fair price.  You will be satisfied with the utmost level with their foods. –Camille

There are reservations for dining rooms. And outdoor seating available for you



If I would have to select one place to have food in Austin, definitely I will select Uchi and Uchiko. They prepare the best quality Sushi in Austin and no doubt of that. It is a creation of Chef Tyson and his team. My favorite is Maguro Sashimi and goat Cheese on their menu. – Camille

Uchi: reservations available up to 4/ outdoor seatings are provided.

Uchiko: You can make a reservation/ outdoor seatings are provided


Fonda San Miguel

This is not famous but I recommend Fonda as one of the best places for tourists in Austin. You can have Mexican foods like Rellenos, and tortillas and you will never forget the taste.  Go there with your group and enjoy yourself well. – Camille

You can make there a  reservation but no outdoor seatings


There are classical southern foods within a new level that you must try out.  All the items in the menus are simple but you will find it difficult to do your exact selection. Order a bottle of Whisky and sip it on the charming front porch- Camile

You can make there a  reservation but no outdoor seatings


You will get Japanese and Texan dishes in this spot. You are given an unexpected menu and you will just be impressed by seeing this. The place is ideal for spending spring days in the corridor.

Make your reservation up to 7 people and outdoor seatings available.

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