How Early Is Too Early To Get Makeup Done?

how early is too early to get makeup done

Have you ever found yourself asking the question, “How early is too early to get makeup done?” This question is not reserved for makeup enthusiasts alone; even beginners often struggle with it. The timing of your makeup application is a critical factor in your overall look, especially when you’re preparing for a significant event such as a wedding or prom. Get it right, and you’ll have a flawless look that lasts all day. Get it wrong, and you might end up with smudged makeup before the event even starts.

The suitable time to get your makeup done greatly hinges on the particular event you’re attending and the type of professional makeup you intend to use. For example, the ideal time to apply makeup for your wedding might be different from that of your prom. Similarly, the duration your makeup would last could vary based on its quality. This guide aims to demystify these aspects, giving you a detailed insight into what time to get makeup done for an event. Additionally, we’ll delve into how long you can expect your professionally done makeup to remain fresh and intact. Now, without any delay, let’s get started!

Our users send emails asking questions like “How early is too early to get makeup done for a prom?”, “What time to get makeup done for my wedding?”, and “When to do makeup for an event that is held at my home?” We receive a large volume of these inquiries and are unable to reply to each one individually. To assist our users, we have decided to write an article addressing these common concerns

How Early Is Too Early To Get Makeup Done?

Factors to Consider When Deciding How Early Is Too Early To Get Makeup Done?

Event Type and Duration:

Consider the event type and duration when deciding how early to get your makeup done. For daytime events, such as brunch or a garden party, getting your makeup done a few hours in advance can be suitable. This allows your makeup to settle and gives you time for touch-ups before the event. Nevertheless, for nighttime occasions such as weddings or galas, it is advisable to book your makeup session nearer to the event time. This guarantees that your makeup remains immaculate and radiant for the duration of the occasion.

Personal Preference and Experience:

Your personal preferences play a role in determining the ideal timing for your makeup appointment. If you prefer a natural look, booking your appointment closer to the event time can work well. On the other hand, if you enjoy experimenting with different makeup looks or have specific preferences, allowing more time for the makeup artist to work their magic is recommended. This way, you can discuss your preferences, try out different looks, and make necessary adjustments.

How Early Is Too Early To Get Makeup Done?

Complexity of the Look:

Consider the complexity of your desired makeup look when determining the ideal appointment timing. For simple looks, less time may be needed. However, for intricate and elaborate makeup looks, such as smoky eyes or bold lips, allocating sufficient time is important. This allows the makeup artist to pay attention to detail and create a flawless look.

Skin Preparation:

Properly preparing your skin before getting makeup done is essential. Cleanse and moisturize your face before the appointment to create a smooth canvas.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before starting your makeup to protect your skin from UV rays.

Hairstyling and Outfit Selection:

Consider your hairstyling and outfit selection when deciding on makeup appointment timing. If you have a time-consuming hairstyle or an elaborate outfit, schedule your makeup appointment accordingly. This ensures enough time for both hairstyling and makeup application.

By considering the event type and duration, personal preferences, complexity of the look, skin preparation, hairstyling, and outfit selection, you can determine the optimal timing for your makeup appointment. Communicate your preferences with the makeup artist and allow yourself enough time to relax and enjoy the process.

How Early Is Too Early To Get Makeup Done?

How Early Is Too Early To Get Makeup Done?

Step-by-Step Instructions: How Early Is Too Early To Get Makeup Done

Determine the event time and schedule

When deciding on how early is too early to get makeup done, the first step is to determine the event time and schedule. Consider whether the event is in the morning, afternoon, or evening, as this will impact the timing of your makeup application. If it’s an early morning event, you may need to start your makeup routine earlier to ensure you have enough time. On the other hand, for evening events, you can afford to start a bit later. Take into account the duration of the event as well, as you’ll want your makeup to last throughout.

Take into account the nature of the occasion and the preferred aesthetic.

Next, consider the type of event and the desired look you want to achieve. Different events call for different makeup styles. Ask yourself, “How early is too early to get makeup done for this particular event?” For formal events, you may opt for a more sophisticated and elegant look, while for casual events, you can experiment with fun and playful makeup looks. The amount of time you should set aside for applying your makeup can differ based on the intricacy of the desired appearance you wish to attain. Keep in mind that achieving a flawless and well-executed look may take more time than a simple, natural makeup look.

Plan for ample time to complete the makeup application

To determine how early is too early to get makeup done, it’s crucial to plan for ample time to complete the makeup application. Rushing through your makeup can lead to mistakes and an overall unsatisfactory outcome. Allocate enough time to properly apply each product, blend them seamlessly, and make any necessary adjustments. It’s better to have more time than to feel rushed and stressed. Consider the steps involved in your makeup routine and estimate how long each step will take to ensure you have enough time.

Begin by applying a primer to establish a flawless base.

Begin your makeup routine by applying a primer to create a smooth canvas for your makeup. Primer helps to minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines, and imperfections while extending the longevity of your makeup. It creates a smooth base for foundation application. Take a small amount of primer and apply it to your clean and moisturized face. Gently blend it into your skin using your fingertips or a makeup sponge, focusing on areas where you want to minimize the appearance of pores or where your makeup tends to fade quickly.

how early is too early to get makeup done

Apply foundation and concealer for a flawless base

Next, apply foundation and concealer to achieve a flawless base. Select a foundation colour that complements your complexion and evenly distribute it across your entire face, utilizing a brush, sponge, or fingertips. Gently incorporate it towards the edges of your face, extending it towards the hairline and jawline for a smooth and flawless result. If you have any blemishes or under-eye circles that need extra coverage, use a concealer that matches your skin tone or is slightly lighter. Dab a small amount of concealer onto the areas you want to cover and blend it gently with a brush or your fingertips until it seamlessly blends with the foundation.

how early is too early to get makeup done

Enhance the eyes with eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara

To enhance your eyes, it’s time to apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara. Choose eyeshadow colours that complement your eye colour and the overall look you want to achieve. Apply a lighter shade to the lid and a darker shade to the crease for dimension. Blend the colours seamlessly using a blending brush. Next, apply eyeliner along the upper lash line to define the eyes. If desired, you can also apply eyeliner to the lower lash line for a more dramatic look. Finish off the eye makeup by applying mascara to the lashes, starting at the roots and wiggling the wand upwards for added volume and length.

how early is too early to get makeup done

Add colour to the cheeks with blush or bronzer

To add a pop of colour to your cheeks, use blush or bronzer. Choose a blush shade that suits your skin tone and apply it to the apples of your cheeks using a blush brush. Gently blend the product in an upward motion towards the hairline to achieve a naturally rosy appearance. If you prefer a sun-kissed glow, opt for a bronzer and apply it to the hollows of your cheeks, temples, and jawline for a subtle contour effect. Remember to blend the blush or bronzer well to avoid any harsh lines.

Define the lips with lip liner and lipstick

Define your lips using lip liner and lipstick. Select a lip pencil hue that complements your lipstick or is marginally deeper. Outline your lips, following their natural shape, starting from the cupid’s bow. Complete the remaining area of your lips using the lip liner. Apply your chosen lipstick shade directly or with a lip brush for precision. Blot and reapply for added intensity.

how early is too early to get makeup done

Set the makeup with setting spray or powder

Set your makeup with a setting spray or powder to ensure its longevity throughout the event. I wondered, “How early is too early to get makeup done?” It’s never too early to set your makeup! Setting spray helps lock in your makeup, providing a natural, dewy finish. Keep the bottle at a distance of approximately the length of your arm from your face and evenly spray it over your entire face. Alternatively, use a setting powder to absorb excess oil and set your makeup. Gently dust the powder over your face with a fluffy brush, focusing on oily areas. This step will help your makeup stay in place and maintain its fresh look throughout the event.

how early is too early to get makeup done

Final touches and touch-ups as needed

Lastly, complete your makeup look with any final touches and do touch-ups as needed. Check if any areas require blending or if you want to intensify certain features. Apply a highlighter to the high points of your face, such as the cheekbones and the bridge of your nose, for a radiant glow. Carry a few essential makeup products, such as lipstick, blotting papers, or a small brush, for touch-ups throughout the event. Take a moment to admire your finished look and confidently step out to enjoy your event.


In conclusion, when it comes to determining how early is too early to get makeup done, it is essential to consider various factors such as the event time, the type of event, and your personal preferences. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide and allowing ample time for each step, you can confidently plan and execute your makeup routine.

Remember, the key is to balance giving yourself enough time to complete the application and ensuring that your makeup stays fresh throughout the event.

By understanding the timing dilemma and using the guidelines in this guide, you can create a flawless and long-lasting makeup look that enhances your natural beauty. So, whether you’re preparing for a wedding, a party, or any other important event, take into account the event schedule, allocate sufficient time, and answer the question of how early is too early to get makeup done with confidence.

In the world of makeup, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how early is too early to get makeup done. It ultimately depends on your unique circumstances and preferences. However, by considering the event time, the type of event, and the steps outlined in this guide, you can make an informed decision. Communicating with your makeup artist, if you have one, can also provide valuable insights and help ensure that your makeup application aligns with your desired timing.

Remember, the goal is to feel comfortable and confident in your appearance, so trust your instincts and allow yourself enough time to complete the process without feeling rushed. By doing so, you can confidently step into any event feeling beautiful and ready to make a lasting impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you wear when getting makeup done?

When getting your makeup done, it’s important to wear something comfortable and easy to remove, especially if you’re wondering how early is too early to get makeup done. Opt for clothing that allows for easy removal without disturbing your freshly applied makeup. Consider wearing a button-down shirt or a top that can be easily taken off without pulling it over your head.

Avoid tight necklines or tops that may smudge or ruin your makeup during removal. Additionally, removing any accessories such as necklaces or earrings will ensure a smooth and uninterrupted makeup application process. Remember, the focus should be on feeling comfortable and relaxed during the makeup session, regardless of how early you decide to schedule it.

What should you not do when getting makeup done?

When getting your makeup done and contemplating how early is too early to get makeup done, there are certain things to avoid. Firstly, try to resist the urge to touch your face or rub your eyes, as this can smudge or disrupt the makeup application. It’s important to communicate your preferences, concerns, and any specific skincare requirements to the makeup artist, allowing them to tailor the look and products to your needs.

Additionally, it is generally advised not to apply any skincare products or makeup before your appointment, unless specifically instructed by the makeup artist. They may have their own preferred products and techniques to achieve the desired outcome, regardless of when you choose to schedule your makeup session.

Can I apply sunscreen before makeup?

Absolutely! Applying sunscreen before your makeup appointment is highly recommended, regardless of how early you decide to get your makeup done. Ensuring the well-being of your skin by giving importance to safeguarding it from the sun is vital. Opt for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or more and liberally apply it to your face and neck. Allow ample time for the sunscreen to completely penetrate your skin before continuing with your makeup regimen.

This step will help protect your skin from harmful UV rays throughout the day, regardless of the timing of your makeup application. Remember to reapply sunscreen as needed, especially if you’ll be spending extended periods of time outdoors. Ensuring sun protection is always advisable, regardless of how early or late your makeup appointment is scheduled.

How long does it take to get makeup done?

The duration of a makeup session can vary depending on various factors, including how early is too early to get makeup done. On average, a professional makeup application can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. However, for more elaborate or intricate looks, it may take longer.

It’s always a good idea to discuss the timing with your makeup artist beforehand, especially if you have specific time constraints or a particular schedule to follow. By communicating your expectations and discussing the desired outcome, you can work together to ensure that the makeup application process aligns with your needs, regardless of when you choose to have it done.

What to do before getting makeup done?

Before getting your makeup done, it’s important to follow a few essential steps, regardless of how early you decide to schedule your appointment. Start by cleansing and moisturizing your face to create a smooth base for the makeup application. If desired, exfoliate your skin a day or two prior to your appointment to achieve a fresh and even complexion.

Communicate any specific concerns, preferences, or allergies to the makeup artist so they can adapt the products and techniques accordingly. Lastly, arrive at your appointment with a clean face, free of any makeup or skincare products, unless specifically instructed otherwise by the makeup artist. Preparing your skin beforehand will ensure that the makeup adheres well and lasts longer, regardless of the timing of your makeup appointment.

How to choose a makeup artist to get makeup done?

When selecting a makeup artist for your makeup session and considering how early is too early to get makeup done, it’s important to consider their experience, portfolio, and style. Look for makeup artists who specialize in the type of look you wish to achieve and have experience with the specific event or occasion you’re attending. Reading reviews or seeking recommendations from friends and family who have had successful experiences with makeup artists can also be beneficial.

Schedule a consultation or a trial session to discuss your preferences and gauge compatibility with the artist’s style. Open communication and asking questions will ensure a collaborative and satisfying outcome. Ultimately, finding a makeup artist who understands your vision and possesses the necessary skills will lead to a successful makeup application experience, regardless of how early or late you decide to schedule your appointment.

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