Five Things to Always Clean Before Having Guests Over

Five Things to Always Clean

You don’t have to scrub your entire house before guests arrive, but there are a few areas you should focus on.

Five Things to Always Clean: The truth is that your closest friends and family don’t mind if your house is a little messy. They can see past the dust bunnies and will still love you even if your bookshelf isn’t perfectly organized. (And what about the in-laws who notice everything? You can’t please everyone, anyway.). But, with the holidays in full swing, you’re more likely than ever to be opening your doors to long-distance friends, distant relatives, and coworkers, and it’s nice to make a good first impression with a clean, tidy home.

Fortunately, making your home feel clean for guests don’t take much effort. The time you do spend organizing and arranging shows that you’re looking forward to their arrival and concerned about their comfort. Furthermore. It can make you feel more confident in your own home. Which means you’ll be more relaxed even if the night doesn’t go as planned. Clean and organize the areas and items they are most likely to see and use. Here are the five most important things to clean around the house before guests arrive.

The Entrance

Five Things to Always Clean

Shoes, coats, bags, and tracked-in dirt will inevitably end up on the spot where you enter and exit each day. It’s also where you’ll make a lasting impression on your visitors. While you’re likely to collect some shoes and coats as more people come in. It’s difficult for your guests to feel welcome if they’re tripping over days’ worth of your leftovers. Take a moment to gather and stash your family’s belongings, then vacuum or sweep the threshold clean.

Surfaces in the bathroom

Surfaces in the bathroom

When you walk into a public restroom, your radar goes off: you notice trash on the floors, liquid pooling where it shouldn’t. Rings around the sink handles. But it’s our own dirt in our own homes that toothpaste scum isn’t that bad, right? It’s easy to overlook day-to-day buildup in the bathroom, so put away as many countertop toiletries as you can before guests arrive, then wipe down your bathroom counter, faucet handles, and toilet to remove any debris. Run a hand vac around the floor’s corners to make it look spotless.

The Couch

Your sofa is another spot that you probably didn’t notice was dirty. The sofa quickly becomes covered in hair, fuzz, or popcorn kernels, especially if you have pets or children. Even if it’s just you and your space, sitting on the sofa can feel a little too… intimate if the pillows and throw blankets are a crumpled mess from last night’s binge-watching session. Before everyone arrives, fluff the pillows, fold the blankets, and clean up the couch with a hand vacuum or lint roller.

Countertops in the Kitchen

Countertops in the Kitchen

Everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen, but if your sink is full and your countertops are splattered with last night’s dinner, it can be jarring. Ideally. You’d have time to clean everything, dry it, put it away, and wipe down the counters with a multipurpose spray and a cloth before guests arrive. But if you’re in a hurry or have last-minute guests coming over. Stash the dirty dishes inside the dishwasher and wipe down the visible water spots with a sponge.

Drinking Glasses

Whether you’re pouring Champagne or offering cool drinks of water, guests will notice if your glasses have a layer of dust or an aging lipstick mark on the rim. Before they arrive, give your glassware a once-over and quickly rinse off any debris if you dry them right away. They’ll be extra-sparkly clean.
Whether you’re serving Champagne or cold water, guests will notice if your glasses have a layer of dust on the rim or an aging lipstick mark on the rim. Give your glassware a once-over before they arrive, and quickly rinse off any debris if you dry them right away, they’ll be extra-sparkly clean.


How do you keep your house clean when you have guests?

Remove clutter from surfaces such as guest bedroom dressers and nightstands, and tidy away bills and papers from the kitchen table. Clear out a drawer or two and provide some hanging space in the closet for your guests’ personal belongings.

When is it appropriate to clean before a party?

Two days prior to your event

This is the time to clean your house’s party floor (or schedule to have it cleaned). If a room will be inaccessible during your party, skip it because you’ll be too busy. Sweep your front stoop and clean the front door.

What is included in a basic cleaning?

Vacuuming and mopping the floors, general bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and dusting are all regular chores. When you start residential cleaning service with us, we will thoroughly clean your home to bring it up to our standards.

What should be cleaned first in the house?

First, vacuum all over the house. You should do this even on hard-surface floors because vacuuming is much easier than sweeping and achieves the same result. Following that, you can mop or clean your floors as needed.

What exactly are guest room supplies?

Guest room supplies are considered guest necessities. The following standard supplies are placed in the guest room by the housekeeping staff: It has a bed, bedside tables, chairs, a wardrobe with lockers, a writing table, a dressing table, a center table, and a magazine holder.

Why should we prepare ahead of time for our guests’ arrival?

Having the front desk ready before guests arrive will make check-in and check-out easier. This will also demonstrate to your guests that your hotel is worthy of the rating it has received.

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