Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to Mexico During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Everything You Need to Know Before Traveling to Mexico During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Things We Should Know Before Traveling to Mexico

Are you planning a trip to Mexico in the COVID-19 pandemic? Here are some tips We Should Know Before Traveling to Mexico

Note: If you are deciding to travel to Mexico, you must do some studies about the government limitations, rules, and be careful with the COVID-19 instructions given by the government. You must be ready to take care of yourself and accept the health care conditions before retreating.

Meanwhile, we have some points to think about before the departure to Mexico. As the country is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic we must be aware of the necessary requirements before arriving in Mexico.

The Disease controlling and prevention organization has warned Americans not to travel to Mexico during the last month.  And already the State authorities have restricted the country under a Level 3 warning. This gives the message for the Americans that you should better think of coming to Mexico.  However, this didn’t stop their departure, the beaches like Mayan ruins and tequila are filled with the travels.

In fact, an Expedia travel prediction expresses that those who check for the vacation in 2021 mainly target the Mexican beaches. The Main considerd spots are Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum beaches.

We have provided you all the facts that you should know before traveling to Mexico during this pandemic situation.

Do you have permission to travel to Mexico?

The answer is yes. Mexica gives permission to the Americans to have a vacation in Mexico. If U.S citizens come to Mexico for something inessential, you have the possibility to fly here.  United Airlines and Southwest began their airline services in the Summer and Fall.  They added flights to famous places such as Cancun, San Jose del Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico City.

Many of the Mexican resorts have been ready for the COVID-19 pandemic. Now they provide facilities such as lots of sanitizers, antiseptic wipes, and masks suitable for outdoor activities. Especially for the romantic dinners on the beach.

COVID-19 conditions in Mexico.

Altogether, Mexico reports more than 1.6 million cases of coronavirus, and it reports 141,000 deaths. These are the reports given by Johns Hopkins University which hold worldwide investigations.

Right now the COVID cases in Mexico are flowing in a rising path on average. On the 18th of January, they reported 15,410 cases, an average of 64% increase within two weeks. These are the points taken from The New York Times.

The Health measure in Mexicos airports.

The travelers who arrive at the airports in Mexico should agree to the health screenings such as temperature checkings, an order of the U.S Embassy, and Government offices in Mexico. If any passenger gets checked with the relatable symptoms of COVID-19 have to expect more health screenings or quarantine.

The COVID-19  guidelines you should know before traveling to Mexico.

Mexico has color-coded stoplight technologies to find the COVID-19 infected passengers in any state. The list of these cases, medical treatments, the hospital admitted rates, found COVID-19 cases, are constantly updating. These depend on the U.S Embassy and government departments in Mexico.

The state ministries give permission only for essential activities, that regards as “red” Mexico City at present. In each state, the hotels have a limit of 25 percent residence for the customers who have censorious reasons.

The states that picked up “orange” hotels and restaurants have the possibility to hold a 50% capacity. At the moment, such places are Baja California sur, Quintana Roo NAd Jalisco.

If any state picks up “yellow” the space is open for the public, and the states of the color “green” have the full freedom for social and economical activities.

What you should do before returning to the US?

All the international passengers coming from the U.S  and also from Mexico are bound to show proof of the Negative COVID-19 test. It shouldn’t be older than 72 hours from your retreating. According to the instructions of the disease control centers, it will be a nucleic acid amplification test or a rapid antigen test. You must have to face one of these before getting on the flight to America.

The kids less than two years old are released.

The governments in Mexico hold COVID-19 test programs at the airport and the hotels in the state. The travelers that going to Cabo San Lucas have the facilities to face this test in their hotels or apartment houses. As well as the passengers coming from the Merida International Airport in Yucatan and Guanajuato Internationa Airtpoorts have this facility to do the COVID-19 tests at the airport itself.

The recovered patients also have some rules defined.  The passengers recovered from COVID-19 recently and no further infectious passengers can hold their documents of the positive results. Or else an official letter from a healthcare provider or public health official of your state will be acceptable.  You can keep these documents instead of the negative test results.

No matter if you are a vaccinated person already.  You have to undergo all the necessary testing requirements.

There are accepted laboratories in Mexico for each testing,  lots of local hospitals, and also many clinics.  All these laboratories and hospitals belong to the facilities to do the tests.  These services are going under the observation of the U.S Embassy and Government offices in Mexico.

The Calculators for Catching Covid-19

This will support to keep your mind at ease. This machine was invented by the Micro COVID project and it rates the COVID infectious risk with the daily schedule.

The purpose of this machine is not to shock you, but to help to reduce the possibilities that you can infect the disease.

How to operate the machine: Firstly, Enter your country, and it will check the current covid cases. Next, you have to describe your status whether you are out, wearing the mask, or at the grocery shop. In addition, the calculator shows you the weekly risk rate. So you have to keep this risk lower. Basically, the calculator gives you an emotional release.

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