During a Dinner Party, Where Should the Hostess Sit?

During a Dinner Party

During a Dinner Party, Whether you’re throwing a game night or a dinner party for a small group of friends, you may be wondering where you should sit (on the unusual occasion that you actually find yourself in a state of rest) during your festivities. We spoke with party planner Eddie Zaratsian to find out where you should put your money. Warning: It does not have to be at the head of the table.

To Serve at a Dinner Party

If you’re throwing a dinner party, you’re probably rushing back and forth between the kitchen and the table. While it may seem natural to choose the most accessible seat (typically at the head of the table or closest to the kitchen), Zaratsian emphasizes that where you sit should actually depend on the size and general tone of the event. “For example, if you wish to sit among your guests and connect with them rather than at the head of the table, this may make you feel more at ease as the host,” he explains. However, your usual location also works nicely.

In preparation for a Game Night

Game night can take place in the dining room or at a coffee table. if the latter, select a seat that allows you to move freely while still communicating with the majority of your friends. After all, you don’t want to have to clamber over guests as you move in and out while circulating snacks or refilling beverages. You should also prepare to stand up and answer the door when guests arrive or to walk them out when they depart.

There is no incorrect answer

Zaratsian concludes that it doesn’t really matter where you sit as long as you’re comfortable. “There is no right or wrong response; rather, do what you feel works best while keeping the dynamics of your guests in mind,” he says. You can even postpone your decision and see how your loved ones naturally position themselves, then choose or change accordingly.


At a dinner party, where do the hosts sit?

The host should always sit near the exit so that he or she may immediately access the kitchen. 6. Position the most helpful member of the party near to the host for assistance.

What is the seating configuration for the host and hostess?

If this occurs, the hostess slides one seat to the left to help balance the arrangement, while the host remains at the head of the table. The man of honor should remain to the hostess’ right.) As a general rule, spouses should not sit next to one other.

Is the host seatedat the head table?

TO MISS MANNERS: What is proper dining table placement? Where, specifically, is the head of the table? PRINCESS READER: The host seat at the head of the table.

When guests arrive for supper, how are they seated?

Where Should the Hostess Sit at a Dinner Party? Image result for
The head seats are located at the ends of a rectangular table. The most important guests sit on the right, with the second most important guests, if any, sitting on the left. Other visitors should not be seated according to their prominence unless etiquette is followed.

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