Cheesy moments with cheezious bites of Alouette cheese

Cheesy moments with cheezious bites of Alouette cheese

Since you are born, you know there are 4 seasons and they are further associated with fruits and veggies seasons. But have you ever heard of Cheese season? No! Because cheese is always around 365 days of the year. So, I won’t begin with “Welcome Cheese season…”. Let’s get to the topic. Do you love cheese? Such an unnecessary question. You love cheese, so you are on this blog. It would be better to ask which cheese is your favorite? The time has gone when you were only familiar with cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Same as mayonnaise experienced flavor drives, now cheese is going at the same time. Can you count a few of these? If you haven’t tried any, then let us recommend alouette cheese. Before you explore this cheese variant, let’s first discuss cheese generally.

Cheese – Commonly used ingredient 

Cheese is commonly associated with a must-to-have ingredient in pizza. You cannot call a pizza-like thing an original recipe until it contains cheese in it. As the cooking industry progressed, now cheese is being used in all types of sweet and sour dishes. You can buy salty, sweet, and sour cheeses easily. 

There is another interesting fact about cheese. About 90% of cheese types cannot be consumed cold or raw. You always like melted cheese bites. 

Have you heard of cheesecakes? These are so trending among dessert lovers. Well, let’s stick to the non-sweet cheese variants that are widely used every day. 

The most fascinating thing about cheese is that now it is available in the form of spreads. Same as you buy chocolate and chicken spreads, now, you can buy soft cheese spreads. This is where you can think of Alouette cheese spread. These spreads are tasteful in the raw form as well and don’t need to be cooked for enhanced flavor. 

Alouette cheese spread

With a productive history in the cooking sector, Alouette soft cheese spread is every chef’s top pick. The reason for its success lies in the ingredients and flavored blends (garlic and herbs). The texture is extra creamy as it is manufactured from rBST-free milk. This cheese fits well on all occasions. You can enjoy it with anything – from fruits to tacos. If you have nothing in the fridge but want to enjoy the taste of Alouette cheese, then grab a drink and enjoy. 

You might be thinking about whether it is a healthy choice or not. Will it add to your calories or is it a diet-friendly choice? Let’s know about it together. 

Per serving it contains 80 calories and 7 grams of fat. So, it shows that you can add it to your diet plan. Moreover, it contains 1 gram of protein and 140mg of sodium. These are not substantial amounts but at least better than nothing. Hence, it is a healthy choice.

Take Away!

Morning, afternoon, and evening, anytime meal can be a cheesy adventure. Don’t get restrained by old customs of using cheese in pizza, buy it and use it in related recommended recipes. If you know any cheese recipe, share it with the readers. 

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