13 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions Things to Do in Houston

13 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions Things to Do in Houston

The Best Tourist Attractions & Occasions in Houston

If you visit Huston for its culture, foods, shopping, Tourist Attractions, funny tasks, you will find no probability to do them in Houston. This city is located in the United States and it’s the fourth largest city in the US. The most popular Space Center Houston is in this city, as well as large museums, greeny yards, and a small water stream running through the city center. According to your travel dates, you will find different types of unique sports and games in Houston. Mainly the Livestock Show and the Cowboy Show.

Houston is a great place for a weekend holiday. You can have direct flights to Houston from all over North America. Reserve your time to visit the nearby Galveston in Houston. It takes less than an hour to reach there, it is surrounded by a city and a big island. Check our list of the highest attraction in Houston and get some knowledge.

Visiting the Space Center in Houston

This is the official visitor center of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. This is a large and complex place where you can walk in the space. There is fixed a huge airliner that you can see. Inside the visitor center, you can walk in the duplicate American space station Skylab, and touch the stones of the moon. The visitors can know about NASA’s forthcoming missions such as traveling to Mars. Visit the center on a Friday at noon and set a meet-up with an astronaut.

In the visitor center, you can go on a trip by tram to Johnson Space Center. This is the control room and you will see the astronauts are training for the missions. At the same time, you can visit Rocket Park to see real rocket displays. If you visit only Rocket Park, no charges for you. You can easily enter there with the permission of the guards.

To get an amazing experience and see the behind-the-scenes of the Johnson Space Center sign up for a Level 9 Tour. Go and see Buoyancy Lab, the ISS mission control, and other counterfeit labs. And perhaps you can have a meet-up with an astronaut. Note that only 12 tickets are sold per day for this absolute five-hour trip. Buy the tickets and go to the Space Center Houston and begin the tour.

Go to this link and get the chance to visit the Houston Space center during the vacation in Houston. Get free admissions and a bonus for the airbus tour.

Visiting Houston’s Museum district in Houston

The Museum District is the best cultural attraction in Houston. There are 19 museums located in this downtown area. Eleven of them are free of charge for the public including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the Children’s Museum of Houston.     Also, there is the Hermann Park, Houston Zoo, and the Miller Outdoor Theatre in this area.

Lots of museums are situated near to each other and easy to walk among each other but the Menil and The Rothko Chapel museums are a little bit far away. There are some museums that you can visit free of charge including the Houston Photography center.

Enjoying in the Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park is an attractive 160-acre green land going through the city, aside from a slow-moving river. This city park is the center of walking and cycling. This park belongs to a dog park and also there are many shady places to spend the moment peacefully.

If you are looking for entertaining tasks in Houston, especially on the outside, rent a sailboard. You can enjoy yourself along the lake. You can rent one of these in the park and spend two-three hours with it. And also there are cycling available for outsiders from the city of Houston.

The cistern is a special site that belonged to Buffalo Bayou Park. There is an old water pond from 1926 which acts as an art installation in the present. You can go on a short guided trip there.

The park is a colony of Mexican bats living in the Waugh Drive Bridge. Nearly 250,00 bats come out in the evening sunset.

The Houston Zoo Tourist Attractions

The Hermann Park set on 55 acres is among the city’s main attractions. There are 6,000 exotic and native animals in this zoo. There is available an education center and another zoo for the children. Some of the featuring things in the zoo are feeding the giraffes and watching sea creatures inside the aquarium.

Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Miller Outdoor Theatre, a Japanese garden, and McGovern Garden are the attractions in Hermann Park. You can enjoy a boat trip on McGovern Lake or a walking in the park.

Children’s Museum In Houston.

The  Childre’s museum is the best place to visit in the summer with your family. This colorful and noisy place will make you happy. Let the kids play as they need and enjoy the moment.

The best thing is the exhibition How Does it Work. The kids can learn how strange things are working around them. The FlowWorks water zone is a place where you can see the adjustment and the flowing of water.

Visit the Secret Spy Game and let the kids feel like they are secret agents,  they will enjoy it. They can learn cracking codes and locating clues fighting against each other.

Street Arts in Houston

Most people call these arts graffiti and many tourists miss these arts. There are the top installations of the US and around the world such as COPE2 and Gonzo247.

These vibrant wall arts are spread throughout the city, and it is worth going and see them. The unofficial guardian of these street arts is Gonzo247, one of the famous street artists. He made the giant “Houston is Inspired” artwork in the Travis and Preston streets.

The other area is also the home for many artworks that increase the value of the walls with different stories. These artworks are done on different types of walls in the city.

Shopping in the Vintage Stores on 19th Street.

For quality clothes and also old clothes The Heights is the place where you should go. This area has all kinds of weird shops selling everything. Such as clothes, Jewelleries., Footwear, Household tools, and all types of strange items.

You can come here for buying gifts. These products are not completely vintage, some are new pieces mix with the old. Though you do not buy anything, it is good to visit this shopping area.

The Galveston Beach area

It takes less than one hour to reach the beaches of Galveston. If you need a sudden relaxation in the city environment, go straight to the Galveston.  Have a walk in the historic town and have some food in a seaside resort. Within this endless and beautiful oceanfront relax your mind.

Visit the Ocean Star  Museum and the Strand Historic District. The Moody Gardens is the best place to go with your family.

You can have a simple visit to the island without any vehicle. There are tour buses to Galveston and explore your own.

Houston Live shows and Rodeo.

Houston’s main annually conducted occasion is the Livestock Show and Rodeo. This is a funny 19 days event in which all the city communities gather up and celebrate.  This takes place in February or March. If you are visiting Houston at this time it’s lucky of you and still, if you are planning to visit there this is the best time. You can enjoy it with your whole family and it’s more than a rodeo and an occasion.

If this is the first time you attend an occasion like this, you will be amazed by the variety of things you have to do. There are carnivals, rides, games, food stores, and many entreating events in front of your eyes.  And enjoy the best musical performance in the evening after reserving your tickets.

If you have just one day to enjoy this festival, spend a morning or an afternoon and enjoy the carnival. Go and see the animal farms in the Livestock Show and cowboy plays. And keep in mind not to miss the event Downtown Rodeo Parade.

Sports game in Houston

If you are a sports person you have plenty of sports to watch in Houston. Football, Baseball, Basketball, or soccer are some of the serious sports that belonged to this city.

NRG Stadium and the Toyota Center downtown are the home Rockets and the Minute Maid Park is also located in the city center where Astros are played. The Soccer lovers can play in the BBVA Campus Stadium. You will be lucky to see even one of them playing during your stay.

Unique Foods in Houston

The chefs in Austin have brought this city into the American food map and you will be attracted by the foods. There are endless food items, belonged to traditional southern foods to modern types of foods. They belong to a large scale of food lists and also few unique places to mention.

One-Fifth Houston belongs to a creative mind chef Chris Shepherd. This is base on five years of planning and converted into three versions. In each year they change their theme and the foods into a new version.

The Oaxaca at Xochi has expensive Mexican foods, and it’s located in downtown Houston. Their food list consists of dishes and some native food items to surprise you.

The Vibrant is opened for healthy food eaters. Go and have your breakfast and dinner made without sugar and GMOs.

Rice University Campus in Houston.

This is the Houston watering-place campus located downtown. You can walk and run in the surrounding mature trees. You can eyecatching old buildings spread inside 300 acres in the campus.

There is a number of magnificent and latest artworks inside the campus.  It’s soo beautiful when the buildings are lighted.

The Gerald D. Hines Waterfall in Houston

This Park shows magnificent water slides over the large concrete walls and statutes. You must go and see this beauty, you have to feel it yourself. Go and prove it for yourself. Visit this location surrounded by oak trees in Uptown Houston.

The hotels in Houston .

It’s better if you are able to find a hotel near the downtown as it’s near to main attractions and sports areas. There are a luxury and mid-range hotels in the city center but you can get some low-budget hotels a little bit far away from the city. Below are some of the best hotels:

  • Lancaster Hotel is the oldest hotel in Houston, reopened in 2018 with a new look. The good service with the attctive decoration inside the hotel is a good combination. This is one of the best place to stay in the city.
  • Four Seasons Hotel in Houston is located in a beautiful location in downtown. The hotel has good oggers for the groups and you can enjoy playing golf with some tasty snaks.
  • Hotal ZaZa Houston Museum Ditrict is a luxurois hotel in the downrown.  Famous for its expensive spa and magnificent locations close to the beautiful city.
  • The Hilton Americas is the large and the leatset hotel In Houston. They belong green parks for the walkngs, an ideal place for your vacation.

Mid Range Hotels:

  • The Whitehall is a good place that had Southern Style rooms.
  • The Embassy Suites is a good place for family vactions and you can enjoy in the outdoor pool.
  • The Best Western Plus Downtown is famous for its outdoor pool. And it belongs an Aquarium and enjoy making your own foods in the hotel,

Bidget Hotels:

  • The best low budjet hotels are located outside the city center.  Its few kilometers away to the west from the Downmtown. The Red Roof Plus+ provides free Wi Fi and breakfast.
  • La Quinta & Suites  is famous for the swmming pool and its hot bath tub.
  • If you have found something imporatant from the guide, be kind to leave a cooment.

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