Amazon Affiliate Disclosure

Hello! Thanks for visiting, which is run by Dubaexpress Digital Lab. We think it’s essential to be clear and honest with our visitors, so here’s a straightforward explanation of how things work here:

1. Amazon Affiliate: When you click on some of the links on our site and buy something, we might get a small amount of money. This is called an affiliate commission. and customers do not pay extra for products they purchase through affiliate links. The price of the product remains the same whether they buy it via an affiliate link or directly from Amazon. The commission earned by the affiliate is paid out by Amazon as a marketing cost.

2. Why We Do This: Running a website costs money. There are bills to pay, like web hosting and content creation. The money we earn from these links helps keep our site running and free for everyone to use.

3. Our Relationship with Amazon: We’re part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. It’s a program for websites like ours to earn some money by linking to So, when you click on a link that takes you to Amazon and buy something, we get a small commission.

4. Our Promise to You: Even though we earn money from some links, we promise only to recommend products that we genuinely like and believe are good. Earning money doesn’t change our opinions. We want you to trust our suggestions.

5. Not All Links Make Money: Not every product link gives us a commission. Many products we talk about come from brands that don’t pay us anything. But we mention them because we think they’re great and worth sharing.

6. Clear Labels: If a company gives us a product to try and talk about, we’ll always let you know. And if a product or brand has paid to be highlighted on our site, we’ll mark it as “Sponsored.”

7. Questions? We’re here to help! If you’re ever curious about any of this or have questions, please contact us. We want you to feel comfortable and informed while browsing our site.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting our site!

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