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Welcome to LuciStyle.com, your ultimate destination for beauty and entertainment. We are your trusted source for the latest trends, tips, and entertainment news, all curated to enhance your lifestyle. LuciStyle.com is owned by Ramal Jayaratne, and our diverse team comprises members from Sri Lanka, Canada, India, the USA, and the UK.

Our Mission

At LuciStyle, our mission is simple:

  • To provide you with the latest and most insightful information on beauty, fashion, and entertainment.
  • To offer entertainment news and reviews that captivate and inspire.
  • To create a community of style enthusiasts who can connect, engage, and share their passion.

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LuciStyle.com is proudly powered by Oceana Express LLC, a dynamic and innovative technology company that owns and operates a portfolio of websites and platforms. Oceana Express LLC serves over 10 million unique visitors every month across its various brands and platforms, making it a leader in the digital realm.

Exploring Oceana Express LLC

Oceana Express LLC, our esteemed parent company, has been a pioneer in the tech and digital media industry. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to delivering quality content, Oceana Express LLC has earned its reputation as a trusted source of information and entertainment. It owns and manages multiple websites and platforms, each contributing to its mission of enriching the online experience.

Meet Our Global Team

Our team at LuciStyle.com comprises professionals from diverse backgrounds and locations, including Sri Lanka, Canada, India, the USA, and the UK. We are dedicated to delivering engaging content that resonates with our global audience.

Join Us in the World of Beauty and Entertainment

We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of beauty, fashion, and entertainment with LuciStyle.com. Whether you’re looking for beauty tips, the latest fashion trends, or entertainment updates, LuciStyle.com is your trusted source.

Thank you for choosing LuciStyle.com as your lifestyle companion.

For inquiries, feedback, or partnership opportunities, please feel free to contact us.

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